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by Larry Kuipers on
Tree and bush service.

The best. Tree and stump removal was quick and complete. No mess left behind. While I write this they are trimming my bushes. Those completed look beautiful. I only wish I knew earlier that thay also did lawns and snow plowing. Maybe next year.

by Mary Schmuker on
Great Work

Dear Larry,

Thank you!! We are very pleased.

Your 3 man crew was great. Very nice men. I did not have to pick up anything or even sweep!!

Loved their work. Thanks again!

by Frand and Irene D on
Excellant work in time of need

Thank you so much for your great response during our crisis time. Sunday June 7 at 7:45pm was a heck of a scare at the Drew house. You arrived at about 8:30pm and viewed the damage and hurriedly called your crew to come to our aid. Joey and Ben came to our rescue. They showed up about 9pm. The roof was cleared by 10pm to give the board-up gang a clear shot to cover the holes in the rood. The storms miraculously came shortly after the roof was secure Whew!

The next day was equally heroic. Don, Joey, Joe, and Brandon arrived bright and early. This group worked endlessly through out the day, clearing the deck and the back. Their effort was truly unbelievable. This was a heck of a greeting for Don's first day back. Ben followed up the gang and performed his stump grinding magic. This will help when we get a chance to replace our lost forest.

It is hard to describe our gratitude, but you and your great guys are the best!! Thank you and thanks to your wonderful crew that came to help us out.

by Virginia P. on
Larry and Tree Crew

Thank you so much for the quick response and terrific work. I know who to call the next time I have tree or other heavy yard work to be done.


by Ray Bruinius on
Stump grinding

I called yesterday morning to have 2 large stumps removed. I was hopping for next week at the earliest. Your guy arrived just before lunch. From what other folks have told me I figured it would be all afternoon. Not so! Start to finish 30 minutes for a 36 inch and a 24 inch walnut stump. All that for a very fair price! Amazing!

by Dorothy Newton on
Excellent work

I talked with Larry about having a very large maple tree removed from backyard because it was literally 1" from the base of my house. When I came home from work I didn't realize they had cut the tree down already because the backyard was spotless. I walked my dog outside and then I realized the tree was gone. This is the 2nd time I have used Larry's Lawn Service and they do amazing work. They cleaned my yard, the side yard and my neighbor's driveway. The pricing is very reasonable and I trust them completely. By the way I also use Larry's Lawn Service for snowplowing and they do a wonderful job. Call them if you need these services. I highly recommend them.

by Alan Bedell on
Thanks Ben

Give a thumbs-up to Ben Ditkof please! He did some stump removal work at our neighbor's, Diane Walsh, on Winged Foot Dr. Forest Hills. I came home from work and saw that he was loading remains of the stump into a wheelbarrow and into the truck. Asked him if the remains were spoken for and he said no, I could have them. He then transported at least 5 loads to behind our home.

Once again, please thank Ben for this extra courtesy! The "remains" are great mulch for our native plants and padding for our walking path!

Have a great weekend. Ben also gave me his, and your, card. I'll make your services know in the "hood" and maybe even use them ourselves.

by Anna on
great job!

We had Larry's Lawn Service come a few weeks ago and cut off some big limbs off an elm tree and they did an awesome job. They arrived on time, got done within time frame, professional, and courtesy. and cleaned up afterwards, looked like they weren't even there earlier. Great Job guys 🙂

by Sandy Churchill on

We had 4 large stumps that needed grinding. I called in the morning, they were here same day. He did an awesome job for an affordable price. I would recommend him all day long!!